Dear prospective graduate students,

If you are interested in pursuing graduate study in the KU Biometeorology lab, you should be aware of my expectations of graduate students. 

I am always looking for highly motivated, independent graduate students. My academic interests are wide ranging, basically covering anything having to do with land-atmosphere interactions, extreme weather events, modeling, remote sensing and surface observations, boundary layer turbulence through regional and global climate change and the impacts of these changes. However, I rarely accept students without funding, so the nature and availability of funding may determine the type of project that new students are expected to work within. In evaluating potential students, I am primarily interested in your interests, skills, and future aspirations.  

My philosophy with respect to mentoring students is to encourage you to take interest and leadership of your project. I have a general expectation of 2 peer reviewed papers for a Masters student and 3 papers for a PhD student. I expect to work closely with you in defining the scope of the first paper and for you to exert more independence on the future papers. I feel that the completion of these papers will ultimately train you in seeing a project through to completion and dissemination of the results to the broader community.

If you are interested, I encourage you to contact me. I would probably not accept a student that I have not met (at least through Skype) and had fairly detailed discussions about attending graduate school under my direction. 

© Nathaniel Brunsell 2015