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People in the Hydrogeology Community at KU

Faculty in the Geology Department (click on names for additional information)

email Interests
J.F. Devlin jfrickdevlin@gmail.com Hydrogeology, contaminants in groundwater, groundwater remediation, aquifer characterization, reactive transport
D.A. Fowle fowle@ku.edu Metals in the environment, limnology, impacts of mining on water resources, carbon sequestration
M.C Hill mchill@ku.edu Groundwater modeling, sensitivity analysis, MODFLOW
G.L. Macpherson glmac@ku.edu Hydrogeology, aqueous geochemistry, water-rock interactions, groundwater in the global carbon cycle, climate, water resources in areas of water scarcity
C.P. Marshall cpmarshall@ku.edu Application of spectroscopy to astrobiological and geobiological questions with focus on the state and preservation of carbon, and the examination of the granular iron surface in groundwater remediation
J.A. Roberts jenrob@ku.edu Geobiology, biodegradation of organics in groundwater, microbial ecology, carbonate chemistry
L.A. Stearns stearns@ku.edu glaciology, water flow beneath glaciers, glacial meltwater, and oceanography
R.L. Stotler rstotler@ku.edu Hydrogeochemistry, regional hydrogeology, isotope and environmental tracer geochemistry, water resources in developing nations, dissolved gases and methane hydrates, biogeochemistry, hydrogeology of High Plains-Ogallala, permafrost, crystalline rock, and planetary aquifers.
G.P. Tsoflias tsoflias@ku.edu Geophysics, ground penetrating radar (GPR) to track contaminants in fractured rock, GPR to detect and map microbial activity in granular aquifers
C. Zhang chizhang@ku.edu Biogeochemical transformations porous media/rock, characterization of petrophysical properties of porous media/rock, fluid-mineral interfacial processes, development of petrophysical models

Courtesy Faculty Current and Pending (click on names for additional information)

Affiliation Interests
Dr. Geoff Bohling Kansas Geological Survey Groundwater modeling, hydraulic tomography, statistical modeling and data analysis, petrophysical data analysis
Dr. Andrea Brookfield Kansas Geological Survey Groundwater modeling, regional hydrogeology, transport modeling, integrated surface-subsurface modeling
Dr. Jim Butler Kansas Geological Survey Groundwater hydrology, well hydraulics, riparian zone hydrology, aquifer characterization, development of direct push tools
Dr. Gaisheng Liu Kansas Geological Survey High-resolution field characterization of hydraulic conductivity, fiber optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS), aquifer storage and recovery

Collaborating Scientists (click on names for additional information)

Dr. Jim Barker Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Erping Bi China University of Geosciences
Dr. Poul Bjerg Technical University of Denmark
Dr. Jim Hendry Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Dr. Dan Hirmas Dept. of Geography, University of Kansas
Dr. Bill Johnson Dept. of Geography, University of Kansas
Dr. Beth Parker University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Dr. David Rudolph Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Tom Sale Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University, Colorado
Dr. Neil Thomson Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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